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Moonlit Cemetery ~75hr Candle (Limited Edition)

Moonlit Cemetery ~75hr Candle (Limited Edition)

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Imagine you’re on midnight stroll in a cemetery. The moon illuminates ancient tombstone carving & creatures eyes glow in the dark.

This long-lasting 75h burn candle, smells like a dark & fresh evenings amongst moss covered tombstones.

A collaboration between 2 artists & Halloween lovers - Whimsical art by Meagan Meli and captivating scent by Graveyard Wanders.
Discover the other candle of this collab, Whispers of Halloween.

Scent notes

Bright • Earthy
Familiar creatures step out of the shadows & their eyes glow in the dark. The night gets darker & the fresh scent of the wet stone & moss thickens.

An earthy & bright candle featuring notes of Bergamot, sweet Amber, forest trees & flowers, woody Palo Santo, Patchouli and earthy Moss.

Handmade with

✺ 10oz of Soy wax (Approx. 75 hours burn time)
✺ Cotton Braided Wick
✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance
✺ Candle Dye
✺ Unique Halloween art label


3.25in W x 3.5in H

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