Scent list


Signature Scents

At Rest (Smooth • Incense)

You're entering a high ceiling cathedral and a veil of captivating incense surrounds you. This scent is inspired by the ritual of lighting incense at the end of the day.

Its earthy & soft incense notes, holds a mysterious yet calming effect on your soul.

Top: Amber, Orange Blossom
Heart: Cinnamon, Champa Flower, Patchouli
Base: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk

Sinful Amber (Warm • Soft florals)

Imagine you're in a gothic castle overlooking a beautiful forbidden garden.

The flowers & sun-kissed fruits smell like soft whispers of the secrets lingering within the castles passageways.

Top: Forest Fruits, Plum, Bergamot
Heart: Orange Blossom, White Rose, Lotus
Base: Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Beloved Bones (Velvety • Spice)

When you need a dose of Halloween, at any time of the year, Beloved Bones will comfort your dark soul.

Imagine yourself on that perfect crisp Autumn morning in Salem streets, visiting esoteric boutiques & witches brooms everywhere.

Top:  Clove, Sweet Orange & Pipe Tobacco
Heart:  Amber, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean
Base:  Sandalwood, Vanilla Sugar, Patchouli

Laid to Rest (Rose • Incense)

Embodies the ritual of burning rose incense. Fuelled by passion, this blend of rose petals, incense, earthy tones & soft musk, will make you feel alive & undead.

Top: Rose Petals, Amber, Orange Blossom
Heart: Geranium, Violet, Champa Flower
Base: Tonka Bean, Rose Buds, Musk

Fruit of the Gloom (Fruity • Woods)

A captivating balance of sweet fruits & earthy notes reminiscent of ancient mythology where the fruit of the Cherry tree is an elixir to immortality.

Top: Black Cherry, Orange, Ylang Ylang
Heart: Almond, Gardenia, Cinnamon
Base: Sandalwood, Spices, Amber

🌺 SPRING ~ Seasonal 🌺

Decay Dreaming Collection

Burial Bloom (Floral • Fresh)

This scent will take you to your favourite place - the foot of a tombstone surrounded by a bouquet of fragrant Lilies & Green Leaves emerging from graveyard soil. Floral & fresh, its lively aroma creates an atmosphere of hopeful beginnings.

Top: Clover, Lemon Peel
Heart: White Lilies, Green leaves, Hydrangea
Base: Powder, Light Musk

Merciless Moon (Citrus • Sweet)

There’s nothing like a goth summer party & watching horror films under the moon. Enjoy this blend of blood red wax and thrilling scent of juicy Blood Orange, ripe Berries & velvety Mango to make you feel alive.

Top: Blood Orange, Lemon Peel, ripe Berries
Heart: Mango, Pomegranate
Base: Vetiver, Cedar

Decay Dreaming (Rain • Musk)

Reminiscent of stepping into a rainforest & a breath of crisp air once a storm has passed. Revive your soul with this powerfully evocative blend of fresh Rain, decaying Plants, ripe Melon and woodsy Musk.

Top: Rainstorm, Honey Dew Melon
Heart: Violet, Cinnamon
Base: Powder, Musk

Sunshine Dust (Spice • Rose)

Imagine a ray of vivid light beaming through your lace curtains, casting warm shadows as you sip on a cup of tea. It’s the perfect blend of captivating yet comforting notes: soft Spice, Rose and Violet Petals, creamy Coconut, Vanilla Bean & earthy Tobacco.

Top: Red Tea, Peppery Spices, Saffron
Heart: Earthy Tobacco, Moroccan Rose, Violet Petals
Base: Coconut Milk, Vanilla Bean, Smoked Tonka

Picnic in the Cemetery (Peach • Woods)

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