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Farewell to my 30s ~ Tombstone Candle


Looks great, smells good, burns nicely!

Halloween Treat

Beautifully made. A real Halloween treat! 🎃

The candles are awesome, and everything smells amazing!!! I love them!!!

Lovely Wax Melt!

Not only is this melt really cute, ready for my favourite season, it smells really nice. It filled up the house, wafting it’s soft, pumpkin spiced aroma. Will be trying other candles from this shop soon!

Smells like Fall

This candle smells so good, I immediately bought a pack of wax melts in the same scent the day it arrived


Reminiscent of the quality of Halloween candles made in days gone by. Really nostalgic and well made.


The candles, the smells, the time put in to this is amazing, great job At customer service, smells are very breathtaking, can not get enough 🖤

Lovely scent!

The orange and clove notes of this candle are unearthly 💀 and the scent lingers long afterward. Another win by Krystina, thank you! 🖤


Omg so obsessed with these, they look and smell amazing!! I will definitely be buying more when they’re finished

Awesome candles!

These candles are too beautiful to burn!! And I won't!! They smell so wonderfully and fill my place with the scents of Fall spices and burning pumpkins!! Will carefully wrap them up and bring them out every season. Please do more Halloween designs!!

Perfect size for sampling!

These are the cutest mini candles! This set is the perfect way to sample 5 blends. The blends are all unique, yet they work really well together. I'm also really enjoying lighting 2 candles at 1 time :)

Sinfully Subtle

All scent will smell different on all people, so it can be a bit difficult to purchase online perfumes. So I was delighted when I discovered after warming to my touch, the florals became just a hint of sweetness in the darker and spicier amber. Rather like me. You'll never catch more than a slight whiff of nighttime florals unless I invite you closer. Exactly as exquisite scent should do. Do be careful though, sometimes I bite.

Perfect product

I highly recommend you purchase from heer, the packaging is beautiful the amount of detail that has gone into the product is amazing. They are an incredible artist for sure and I will be buying again!


Absolute works of art! Ordered the Gothic Arches and the Sacred Heart candles as gifts for my niece - she loves them. The scents are divine!

Lovely Halloween Sample set

Sents hit all of the right notes to put one in the Halloween spirit. Nicely priced and shipped well. Thank you for the extra!

Haunted Manor mist

This scent is to die for! I use it as a perfume, I spray it on my bed at night and in my car. I'm so in love with it. The bottle is beautiful and substantial. The atomizer and sprays a generous mist. I will absolutely buy more of this scent and other things from the shop. Thank you! 🖤

They smell dreamy and aren't even lit yet!

These candles feel high quality and smell awesome. My husband loves the scent too.

The perfect spooky scent

I absolutely love this scent. I received a sample of it in my first order and had to immediately order 2 jar candles of it. Krystina please make larger version immediately!

Great mini sampler

Such a great idea to have mini samples. I have been able to test them all out and smell what I would want in full size.
They are also a nice size to have sitting on my desk and I can pick whichever one appeals to me that day.
Would be great for gifting.

Pumpkin Perfection

Oh my goodness! These pumpkins couldn't be cuter! I can't wait to light them in October!
They were wrapped up really well for shipping. I was very impressed.
This was my first order and I see more in my future. Highly recommend!

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candle
Alexandra Beauchamp
The cutest candle for my Halloween soul!

I mean! How can I resist from lighting this one and going through it before we are even in October?! Perfect smell!

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candle
Alexandra Authement
High Quality Item and Great Shipping

I’m absolutely in love with the trick or treat candles I got - they’re so cute and perfect for Halloween, smell great and are really good quality. I also have to give props to the packaging they were shipped in - they were in my mailbox for 24 hours in the Louisiana heat and I was sure they would be melted when I opened them, but they were in perfect condition.

Love these mini candles!

I am a person often overwhelmed by options who sticks to what they know when they find something they like, but I loved the opportunity this set of mini candles gave me to see how I liked all of the candle scents! Doing this before committing to a bigger candle will help me choose scents in the future :)

Appropriately called Witching Hour, the cider scent is so authentic (for lack of a better word).