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Perfect Discovery Set!

love love LOVE the discovery set! I've had so much fun trying them out and identifying all of the different notes in each scent. Still undecided on which full size bottle I would like to purchase first! Can't wait to discover what else Graveyard Wanders has to offer!

SOOOO underated!!!! Great smell and long lasting💅

OMG THIS IS THE SMELL!I love the witchy floral vibes! 💐⚰️ THE VIBES ARE LIKE FROM THE WITCH STORE IN THE CRAFT! You know if you know! I wore this perfume and go sooo many compliments- one that stood out was that I smelled like yearning⁉️⁉️also I wore this to my four hour long gym session and it didn’t budge at all even with all my sweat💀 IF YOU ARE DEBATING ON BUYING IT JUST BUY IT ITLL CHANGE UR LIFE😏😏

Gothic Dream

I felt so insanely confident when I was wearing this scent. It’s subtle but powerful. I love it. It’s a little spicy but kind of creamy. And I seriously felt like a seductive sorceress; who wouldn’t want to feel like that?!

Sweet and Sultry

I was super excited to try this scent, and I like it a lot. It’s a little sweeter than I tend to like, but my wife is obsessed with me when I wear it (appropriate given the name lol!). It’s definitely a sensual scent, but I would only recommend for those who like sweet scents:)

Fresh Fresh Fresh

I love this perfume. It smells amazing. It’s such a good lily scent, and it just feels like you’re out walking barefoot in a beautiful meadow. I’m so happy with this purchase. I feel like a green witch every time I wear it.

I didn’t really detect any notes of peach in this wax snap bar. Maybe the summer heat altered mine. It’s nice. Just not what I expected.

Everything was wrapped beautifully and products arrived promptly.

This is a nice set to try different fragrances before committing to a bigger bottle. Although I think all the scents are lovely.

This is nice for smaller candles. It has a decent weight to it and is made well.

I love how light and feminine this perfume mist is. The scent lasts all day. My delivery driver even complimented me on the fragrance.

This smells good enough to eat. Would love to see this in a body spray.

This is a nice spray for date night. It’s sultry and lasts. I took a star off because the sprayer was stuck inside the cap. Not a big deal. I can still use it by dabbing it on my wrists.


This is fresh, light and makes me feel ethereal. The florals aren’t heavy and this is an overall lovely cozy, skin-but-better type scent. Will be purchasing in an oil as well!

Perfume mist ~ Discovery Set

The scents are absolutely sensational. ⚘

Picnic in the Cemetery ~ Perfume Mist (Peach & Woods)

This is such a beautiful peachy scent. Doesn’t smell artificial at all, the balance of peach and apricot with the woodsy base is so special!! I could not be happier with this.

fruity heaven

fruit of the gloom is an always and forever favorite of mine and we know this, but i must say… the new comeback of it as a container candle in these new vessels NAILED IT. so freaking strong, just opening the jar before burning made my entire kitchen smell like it!

my new cozy/nighttime candle

sinful amber has the coziest scent. love everything about this , including the artwork! can’t wait to snuggle up next to this candle tonight!


this fragrance is too good to be true. insanely beautiful aroma, packaging, and not to mention very long lasting. burned mine for a few hours last night and the wax has barely gone down!


at rest is one of my favorite fragrances. absolutely love the new vessels, this black glass is so elegant looking!

Witches don’t age candle 🧙‍♀️

I love the candle I will be giving it to my co worker because she has a baby face and she can always sense my moods and read my mind and she sent me this very same candle on IG .love the little wax heart to melt as well ik will definitely be buying from here again no doubt about that the quality is magnificent and I don’t want to burn it it’s too perfect. Thank you for the amazing candle can’t wait to see what else u come out with.😆🧙‍♀️

Love this candle! I think some people might find it a little depressing to put as a cake topper/candle but I thought it was pretty funny…bit of dark humor if you will.

Such an awesome addition to any cake!

I am in love with these candles, thank you!

Big fan of Graveyard Wanders, great candle!

Beautiful quality candles

I saw these lilac candles on Instagram and instantly knew they would fit the vibe I’m going for right away. Not only are they my favorite color, they’re also scented. These candles have an amazing scent to them that floats through the air and isn’t oppressively strong. They also burn beautifully, and generate some great drips because of course we’re going for the eventual pile of wax drips where you keep putting a new candle on top.
10/10 candles and I can’t wait to get more!