Allow the dark beauty behind our doors to enter your home

Each product is designed and handmade in small batches using eco-friendly materials and premium fragrances.

  • ✺ Handmade in Montréal

    I take pleasure in hand pouring every candle in my little creative candle-making studio

  • ✺ Original Designs

    Exclusively designed, molded and handcrafted in-house, to create unique products like no other

  • ✺ Locally Sourced Materials

    I strive to support local businesses by carefully selecting the right materials to produce my specialities

Meet the Maker

Greatly inspired by the imagery and rituals that surround death from old to modern times, Graveyard Wanders is a tribute to the beauty of life and the sorrows of death.

As most of my ideas reflect my fascinations, I strive to make haunting pieces for our homes.



Gothic Arches CandleGothic Arches Candle
Deep Red CandlesticksDeep Red Candlesticks
Rest In Hope & Rise In Glory Candle SetRest In Hope & Rise In Glory Candle Set