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Magic Mist ~ Discovery Set

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Having trouble choosing a fragrance or need a travel size of your favourite perfume?

Our Magic Mist Discovery Set features a sample size of each one of our haunting fragrances. From notes of earthy incense, clove, sensual amber & soft florals, this set is sure entrance your senses. 

Experience these alluring scents as a personal perfume or to transform your home into an aromatic sanctuary, for yourself or as a gift.


Scent profiles :

At Rest: Smooth • Incense

Evoking the atmosphere of high ceiling cathedrals & lighting incense, its earthy and soft notes of Incense, Champa and a hint of Musk, holds a calming & mysterious effect.

Beloved Bones: Velvety • Spice

Reminiscent of a crisp Autumn morning in Salem streets, esoteric boutiques & witches brooms. Soothing with a pinch of spice, filled with spine-chilling notes of Clove buds, creamy Sandalwood, sweet Orange, Pipe Tobacco & Patchouli.

Sinful Amber: Warm • Amber

Entrancing & sensuous, it inspires a feeling of confidence with its blend of soft florals, creamy amber & sun-kissed forest fruits. Fresh & lightly sweet, it’s sure to captivate your senses, even if you don’t typically gravitate towards florals.


Handmade with :

✺ Silver Foil Label with Gothic Arch
✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance
✺ Skin Safe Perfumers Ingredients


Care Info

Spray into the center of the room away from your face and eyes. For linens, hold the bottle 8" - 10" away from the desired area so the mist falls onto the surface.

If you have sensitive or allergic skin, it’s always recommended to do a patch test.

✧ Store in a dry place
✧ Avoid excessive shaking of the bottle

Candle Safety

Each order comes with a Candle Care card with guidelines to ensure proper use of each type of candle, favour its longevity and, most importantly, offer a safe burning experience.

For more information, please visit the Candle Care page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lilith LaVey
Take my soul away ! 🕯️

You guys, remember what I said about At Rest being the most hauntingly, amazingly good smelling perfume ever ? WELL HOLD ON, THERE IS MORE ! I bought this lil’cutie box when it released and oh my was I not ready 🥺 The struggle is real, these smell SO GOOD. I simply cannot pick a favourite anymore 🥲 I shall forever be switching between these however my mood feels on that particular day 🦇🦇

Erica Ritchey
Mini Set Review

Love the scents - my husband ended up purchasing a larger version of AT REST for himself and SINFULL AMBER for myself. I'd say just watch the packaging it was leaking.

Thank you for your review Erica! We're happy to read you loved At Rest & Sinful Amber so much that you got larger sizes of them :) Thank you for also addressing the little leakage you encountered, we apologize for any inconvenience! Shipping liquids can be a little tricky so we take multiple steps, like adding a gasket inside the cap & sealing them tight, to ensure they are as safe as possible. It does however happen once in a while that a bottle will leak a bit due to shaking during shipping. We will definitely continue to see what other measures come up over time to remedy this even further! Thanks again :)