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Memento Mori Candle

Memento Mori Candle

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Memento Vivere ~ Remember to live.
Memento Mori ~ Remember you’ll die.

This candle is a strong reminder that life can end at any moment. Featuring an Hourglass with wings, symbolizing time fleeting & skulls displayed high on pedestals.

Beloved Bones: a scent to match our truest & barest selves. (details in scent tab below)
An original Graveyard Wanders design. Each tombstone's texture is be unique & is poured by hand.

Handmade with

✺ Our handmade molds
✺ Soy wax
✺ Cotton Braided Wick
✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance

✺ Candle Dye
✺ Mica

Scent profile

Velvety • Spice
Beloved Bones is reminiscent of a crisp Autumn morning in Salem streets, esoteric boutiques & witches brooms.

Soothing with a pinch of spice, its spine-chilling notes of Clove buds, creamy Sandalwood, sweet Orange, Pipe Tobacco & Patchouli are sure to comfort your dark soul.


3.5 in Width x 5.375 in Height x 1.5in Deep

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mary Gustin
Drop Dead Gorgeous Candle

The patience, time, and craft that went into this candle is breathtaking. This was my first purchase from Graveyard Wanders and it won’t be my last. Support this small business and adorn your home with morbidly wicked goth candles.

Ann Sieminski
Beautiful quality

Love everything about this enchanting candle. Beautiful quality and craftsmanship. Hope they are offered again! I will definitely reorder.

Drop dead gorgeous candle!

This is by far the most INCREDIBLE candle I’ve ever purchased! When I saw the Memento Mori candle, my jaw dropped open! Stunning work on this candle! Every candle I’ve bought from Graveyard Wanders speaks to my soul and allows me to embrace the darker aspects of myself I’ve been afraid to embrace for years. Thank you! 🖤

Allison F
Memento Mori Candle

This candle is divine and absolutely perfect. The scent is haunting and beautiful, and the craftsmanship is unmatched. I am in LOVE!

Adeline Le Cornec
A masterpiece!

I was so eager to buy this candle, it is such a masterpiece, I am sooo happy it's mine! It smells divine and it is perfect in every way, a true masterpiece.


Love it! So unique and smells amazing.