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Sinful Amber Mist (Amber & Soft Florals)

Sinful Amber Mist (Amber & Soft Florals)

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Sinful Amber is like a romantic whisper, brightening even the darkest days with warm amber and sun-kissed forest fruits.

Indulge its alluring scent as a personal perfume or to transform your home into an aromatic sanctuary.

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Handmade with

✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance
✺ Skin Safe & Eco-Friendly Ingredients
✺ Silver Foil Label with Gothic Arch

Scent profile

Warm • Amber
Entrancing & sensuous, it inspires a feeling of confidence with its blend of soft florals, creamy amber & sun-kissed forest fruits. Fresh & lightly sweet, it’s sure to captivate your senses, even if you don’t typically gravitate towards florals.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

My new favorite perfume! It's lasts fairly long as well and is super addictive! It's gives very sensual and has everything I could possibly want in a scent

Tanya M.
Sinful Mist

Loving this smell. I don't really use it on myself, but I use it on my fake flowers. And it last for a while. It smells great.


I’ve been using this scent every day since I purchased it originally earlier this year. Highly recommend.

Addictive fragrance

First purchased a small bottle in Salem on a trip as a souvenir, out of all 30 smells I own I reached for this almost every day. I’ve had folks come up to me and ask about it. I restocked with the 100 ml as I only had 50 ml before. Safe to say this will be in my collection until you can pry it out of my cold dead hands.

The beauty of Darkness has a Scent

The beauty of darkness has a scent
Me and my sister bought every single fragrance at the oddities flea market in New York! Probably some of the most amazing scents I’ve come across in a long time. a beautiful Gothic smell that’s just inspiring. I really can’t do them justice in words. And Kristina the owner and maker, was such a cool person, unbelievably kind and polite. Thank you !

Nina Kumar
Best amber fragrance ever

I stopped by Graveyard Wanders at the Salem Night Faire and tried on Sinful Amber and walked around for a few hours, by the end of the night the fragrance was still strong and my friend and I kept smelling my wrist and remarking how lovely it was:) It has an incredible lasting power and warms up well, unfortunately it was all sold out at the tent when I went back (for good reason) but I immediately ordered it online and I’m so glad I did!