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At Rest ~ Perfume Oil (Incense & Earthy)

At Rest ~ Perfume Oil (Incense & Earthy)

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Perfume Oils are the ultimate skin elixir! They wear close to the skin and adapt to your body chemistry, creating a halo of scent just for you to enjoy.

Smooth • Incense
At Rest is our best-selling fragrance and evokes the atmosphere of high ceiling cathedrals & lighting incense.

Discover our At Rest Perfume & Room Spray.

Scent notes

Smooth • Incense

Its earthy & soft incense notes, Champa and a hint of Musk, holds a mysterious yet calming effect on your soul.

Top: Amber, Orange Blossom
Heart: Cinnamon, Champa Flower, Patchouli
Base: Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Musk

Handmade with

✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance
✺ Fractionated Coconut Oil ~ The best for your skin as well as shelf life
✺ 10ml Spiral Glass Roller Bottle
✺ Skin Safe, Eco-friendly & Vegan ingredients


0.375in W x 3in H

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
An incense stick in a bottle

This scent is absolutely amazing. if you love the smell of incense, you are definitely going to love this. It smells like a high quality incense stick, the one that is really difficult to find, not your average incense stick from a hippie shop. It is a strong perfume, so you only need a bit. It is long lasting and not overpowering at all, the scent changes as the hours go by and it adapts to your own chemistry. After a few hours, it smells even better, if that is possible. Sometimes I have experienced that oil perfumes react with your skin chemistry in a way that in a few hours the scent is gone or is totally different to the original scent you put on. This was not the case at all, at least for me. Even the package and the wrapping smell soooo good that I have put them in my room and inside my wardrobe and the whole place smells amazing. This is my new obsession. It is a really gothy perfume, and right now I want everything and everybody around me to smell like this. I have the feeling this is gonna be a long love story :)

Gothic embrace

I am a singer of the local Orthodox choir. Sounds like a trauma, but, however, the smell of the church has meant a lot to me since childhood. It is very difficult to find such a perfume that smells not of an Indian incense store, but of a Christian temple. Now I've found it. Perfect. It's a little heavy for me, but it doesn't suffocate. The fragrance does not cause migraines! Delight. Warm, soft — and VERY gothic. This is a great aromatherapy, especially for going to the cemetery or just for a walk in the cold. It takes a little drop to wrap yourself in this fragrance, like in an embrace. Amazing.

Scent lasts all day

This is a fragrance I want to be buried in. Yep. It smells THAT good. I love that it is strong but not overwhelming and the bottle it’s in is so beautiful. I feel like the component itself adds to the experience of wearing this perfume oil. I can’t wait to try more scents.

Francine Vose
At Rest Perfume Oil.

I got a candle from you all with this scent and I loved it! Of course I had to get the perfume oil! It smells so good! The candles are awesome as well!

Karen Bastar
Just What I Wanted!

Smells amazing lasts a long time.

Cally Myers
My new fav!

This is my new go to perfume. I'm very sensitive to smells and a lot of perfume scents react poorly with my body chemistry, but this smells SO GOOD! I get compliments where ever I go.