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Beloved Bones ~ Perfume Oil (Sandalwood & Clove)

Beloved Bones ~ Perfume Oil (Sandalwood & Clove)

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Perfume Oils are the ultimate skin elixir! They wear close to the skin and adapt to your body chemistry, creating a halo of scent just for you to enjoy.

Velvety • Spice
Beloved Bones is reminiscent of a crisp Autumn morning in Salem streets, esoteric boutiques & witches brooms.

Discover our Beloved Bones Perfume & Room Spray.


Scent notes

Velvety • Spice

Beloved Bones is reminiscent of a crisp Autumn morning in Salem streets, esoteric boutiques & witches brooms.

Top: Clove Bud, Sweet Orange and Pipe Tobacco
Heart: Amber, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean
Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla Sugar, Patchouli

Handmade with

✺ Phthalate-Free Fragrance
✺ Fractionated Coconut Oil ~ The best for your skin as well as shelf life.
✺ 10ml Spiral Glass Roller Bottle
✺ Skin Safe, Eco-friendly & Vegan ingredients


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Audrey S.
Great but…

It smells fantastic, it smells the way a haunted old funeral parlor looks and I’m obsessed. The downside is that it doesn’t linger for very long so it requires a lot of reapplying throughout the day. All in all, great though!

Beloved Bones

Hands down , the best parfume I’ve purchased. The smell is so unique, unlike all these floral scents that make you queasy. One whiff of this and people are always asking what that smell is. A great smell that makes you think of past times!

Jessica Roventini
Beloved Bones

Every single scent is amazing but Beloved Bones is my favorite! I love the room spray but had to get the perfume oil once it was back in stock!

Veronique L
Wonderful scent and perfect on the go format!

Definitely one of my new favorite. Love the scent and the roll on oil format is so convenient to keep in my purse!!! And the bottle is just so pretty!

So obsessed!

I put this stuff on everyday and I’m usually not a anytime scent person. I will be buying as many of these oils as I can!


Smells SO GOOD. My only complaint is some oil came out during the shipping process and made a very small mess but that’s it- it smells so heavenly.