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Roman Numeral Birthday Candles ~ Red

Roman Numeral Birthday Candles ~ Red

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Our Milestone candles were created to memorialize important events throughout our long & beautiful lives because we deserve to feel empowered on our special day. 

Consult our chart to discover the Roman Numerals needed to create your customized birthday candle set!

🌹 Please leave a note upon checkout for which candles you need.

Scent notes

Handmade with

✺ Soy wax
✺ Cotton Braided Wick
✺ Candle Dye
✺ Our handmade molds

How to use

✺ Place your baked goods or cake on a stable surface
✺ Slightly push the bottom of candles into the cake
✺ Light them & celebrate yourself, friend or loved one!
✺ Once your wish is made, remove candles and wax drips before eating

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Each roman numeral measures 1.75in H & varies between 0.75in and 1.75in W

How we make our products

We use only the best materials to create our specialties: Skin-safe fragrance, all-natural Soy wax & locally sourced Beeswax from a family farm pollinating wild blueberry flowers.

You’ll feel great using them to death.

Why our products are worth more

Our products are exclusively designed, molded & handcrafted in-house, to create unique products like no other. Hand-poured in small batches to offer the best quality. Learn more

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Fantastic Candles!

Got quite a few laughs and compliments on the candles (Laughs came from the fact that it was 30 in roman numerals). Definitely recommend for how cool they look and saving candle space on any baked good you choose to place them on!

K. Crick

The Roman numeral candles look absolutely stunning! So well made! I can’t wait to see what they look like on my birthday cake

Maria Bravo

I got these sweet little candles just before my big cruise! As you can see my whole family enjoyed the candles.

Raven Mystic

This was my first order so far and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I love them! They are so cute! Definitely keeping this as a tradition every year!